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The after-sales team of Willite Textile Machinery has been engaged in the sock machine industry for more than 20 years and has rich experience. Free online technical support, technology sharing, and maintenance.

A machine repair case will be released every half a month or so to discuss the common problems existing in the current domestic socks machine. You can also send me the frequently asked questions, I will write a detailed repair plan.

I will also answer some industry-related questions and report the latest news in the industry.

The development of the sock machine has been a hundred years old. The countries that produce socks machines mainly include China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Italy and other countries. I mainly write about the imported sock machines that I know. Of course, Taiwan belongs to China. Because Taiwan and China implement different customs laws and regulations, the customs are different from the borders. Therefore, Taiwanese machines can also be said to be imported machines.

The most developed socks machine technology in these countries is Italy.

Italian socks machine brand

1.—LONATI,Relative to the cotton socks machine, LONATI is best known as the stocking machine, the machine is relatively stable, the current LONATI cotton socks machine with automatic seaming function.

2.—MATEC,The main production of the stocking machine has been acquired by LONATI.

3.—SANTONI,Founded in 1919, SANTONI is the first Italian sock machine brand. It is famous for its underwear machine. The boss of the underwear machine was acquired by LONATI in 1988 and is currently assembled in Shanghai.

4.—SANGIACOMO,It mainly produces stocking machine and underwear machine, the boss of stocking machine, the leader of seamless technology, has been acquired by LONATI. In 1984, SANGIACOMO successfully developed the first seamless knitting machine, then joined LONATI Group, and then developed seamless research with SANTONI. Underwear equipment.

5.—COLOSIO。The main production of special machines, the market is not large, the price of the machine is very expensive. Among them, the transfer machine is the most famous, and COLOSIO can make multiple lines, make socks without dotted lines, and is the first machine to pick the needle with the needle selector. At the same time, this machine is used to make the upper.

6.—RUMI,Rumi is synonymous with transfer. Some people in the industry will call the rumi, which is a brother in the transfer machine. It used to be Taiwanese agent, domestically produced, and later re-produced in Italy.

7.—BUSI,There are very few on the market, and it is the only single-needle cylinder in the world that can do the same as the double-needle. The machine head is different from the ordinary single-needle head.

8.—IRMAC,There are very few on the market. The biggest feature of this sock machine brand is the imitation transfer circle. It is not a real transfer, but it can make a similar transfer effect.

Korean socks machine brand

1.—Boo Seong


3.—SOO SAN,At present, Jiaxing has been acquired by SANTONI.4.兄弟—HYUNG JEA,双针最为出名



Korean machines are currently rare on the market. Do you know if some factories have closed down?

Taiwan socks machine brand

1.—DA KONG,DA KONG is not fast, but the actual output is not low, mainly because the machine is stable and the quality of the socks is very high.

2.—TAI HO SHING TAI HO SHING is famous for its random pull, stable performance and high output.


Japanese socks machine brand

1.—SHIMASEIKI,Mainly flat knitting machine, five-finger socks machine, socks machine production is not much, mainly flat knitting machine.

2.—NAGATA,It mainly produces double syringe machines.

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