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The speed of a hosiery machine is the speed at which the machine moves per minute.

Currently on the market, the general hosiery machine hosiery body running speed is 230, 270 RPM, flat hosiery machine running speed is 300~350RPM.

Sock production refers to the number of socks produced within a specified period of time.

The main points for determining the running speed of a hosiery machine are as follows:


The mechanical design and assembly technology of the hosiery machine itself.

If the design is not reasonable, the assembly process is not up to standard, it will cause injection or machine noise, as well as running speed.

2.The choice of accessory material quality, if steel material quality is not passed, the speed opens fast to be able to accelerate the wear of the machine, reduce machine practical year, the relative maturity of the domestic hosiery machine technology now, so long as the material that use is no problem, the life of the machine will be up to 7 years above

3.Servomotor and computer coordination.

The main reasons for the production of socks are as follows:

1.      The craft of sock, short sock is certain to be higher than long sock yield.

2.      The quality of yarn, good quality, the lower the percentage of defective thread, the higher the output, the rate of defective goods is very important.

3.      Sock pattern hanging line, the less the pattern of hosiery, the more simple socks yield is also higher.

4.      Sock chain rationality, the same pattern hanging line, the less the action editor, the faster the speed.

5.      Sock chain rationality, the same pattern hanging line, the less the action editor, the faster the speed.

6.      Stop car workers, mechanics, workshop management of human factors, the same machine to open the same speed to make the same socks, different people look at the machine production will be different.

Combined with the above points, hosiery machine speed and output have a relationship, but not an absolute relationship.

Generally speaking, the person that just enters a profession is more sensitive to machine speed, the person that knows a trade will be more concerned about the output of sock.

As a hosiery machine manufacturer, we are relatively more emphasis on the absolute speed of the machine, and sock manufacturers, relatively more emphasis on the production of socks.

The running speed of the machine, the present hosiery machine, most people know two speeds, one is the machine setting speed and the machine display speed.

The other two values, the speed conversion ratio of the servo motor and the actual speed of the machine, most people do not know, or have always thought that the display speed of the machine is the actual speed of the machine, but it is not.

Generally speaking, for a machine 15 years or older, it shows a speed that is higher than the actual speed of the machine, which we call forward speed falsification, which means that the machine looks very fast, but the output is not high.

With the development of information transmission, some manufacturers of hosiery machine adopt the reverse thinking, that is, the actual speed of the machine is higher than the speed of machine display, we call it reverse speed fraud, the advantage of doing so is:

Two brands of machines with the same speed can produce more socks in a short period of time by using reverse counterfeiting machines, but at the cost of the operating life of the machines.

Here is mainly the loss of needle parts and transmission parts of the life, in general, the impact of electronic components.

Finally, I would like to say that the speed of the machine is a prerequisite and part of the output of socks, but tools are never as important as the users of tools.

For the sock production plant, in addition to the need to select good quality machines, but also to strengthen the quality of the factory management staff to improve the quality of education.

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